Ski team

Experience in working with children in primary and secondary schools, sports clubs, as well as the top competitive results behind us are the advantages on which our team is built. In order to set high standards in organizational, technical and methodological terms, we have ISIA licenses issued and certified by the Ski Association of Serbia. Our team is qualified to work with people of all ages at all levels of skiing knowledge. The methodology we use is selected from the best elements of the French, Austrian and Slovenian ski schools. In addition to skiing knowledge, we will also enable you to get to know Kopaonik and its trails, and try to always warm up the cold winter with a warm smile. Take advantage of quality and experience and improve your skiing techniques. Like any other sports activity, skiing is best learned when learned in the right way, from the very beginning, with a professional instructor. We have prepared a specially fenced polygon with creative props for the youngest skiers, and for those skiers who have already successfully mastered the blue trails, we offer a more advanced ski training program, both in group and individual classes.